On Wednesday, March 30th Junaluska Elementary took 140 students to Western Carolina University.

* These students were in Eagle Club.  This is an incentive club organized by Joy Sollie, school counselor, for 3rd – 5th-grade students that rewards students that have good behavior, good work ethic, get to school on time, and stay all day.
* Students were able to participate in field day stations, one hour in the football stadium and one hour in the gym.
* The field day stations were led by WCU students in the education department studying to be Physical Education teachers. The WCU students planned the stations and ran the stations.  Some stations included – tug a war, soccer, races, tiktok dances, basketball, scooters, and many more fun, exciting games.
* After two hours of field day activities, the students ate lunch in the stands of the football stadium.
* Then a special visitor came to visit – Paws the WCU mascot.  The students screamed at the top of their lungs and rushed down to the bottom of the bleachers.  Paws gave high fives, hugs, and then posed for lots of pictures.
* Then several WCU basketball players came to visit with the students.  The players were so amazing with the JES students.  The JES students wanted to get their autographs so badly, that several of them had them sign their arms.
* The field trip ended with a race (between the JES students and the WCU athletes) from the end zone to the 50-yard line. 

It is great to introduce elementary students to a college campus as a way to excite them about continuing their education.  Before we loaded the buses, many students cheered that they wanted to attend WCU. This was a great day for the teachers, JES students, and WCU students.  A huge thank you to WCU for allowing us to visit.

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