Welcome to the Junaluska Elementary School Title 1 Page!  We are so glad to have the opportunity to serve the children in the areas of reading, math, and science.

Family Engagement 2021-2022

With restrictions, we have had to think outside the box to present our Title 1 Family Engagement event.  This post will serve as one of our events.

At our school, we have implemented Imagine Learning throughout our day here at Junaluska.  This program has helped our students with math.

What is Imagine Learning?

For more than fifteen years, this online learning tool has been helping students acquire, develop, and strengthen the language skills necessary to fully participate in the academic settings.

Imagine Learning has highly engaging, interactive content and creative storytelling that has relatable characters, content, and scenarios to increase student motivation.

It has customized resources, activities that ultimately meet the needs of each student where they are.  It provides teachers with meaningful data that enables educators to intervene and facilitate breakthrough moments of understanding for each child.

How we use it here at JES

Teachers assign students the activities to do based upon their appropriate level.  Students work independently on these assignments throughout the day.

Thank you for your continued support of JES and our Title 1 program.

Please visit the link below with more information about Imagine Learning (math).



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School Wide Title 1 Plan 2021-2022


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