Friday, May 17th, was an exciting day for students at Junaluska Elementary School.  It was water day for students but before that occurred, some important guests were at the school for the End of Grade Test Pep Rally.  Star Wars characters played by some of Junaluska’s very own faculty performed a skit highlighting some very important test taking tips.  Students were encouraged to use tips like: get a good night’s sleep, eat a good breakfast, underline important text, and read passages more than once, just to name a few.  Students were given lightsabers as a reminder to use these strategies.  Afterwards, our very own Mr. James Monday, Mr. Alex Deutsch, and former 5th grade teacher (now 6th grade at WMS), Mr. Joel Sellers, played some tunes from their band.  Mr. Monday re-wrote lyrics to a song about test taking tips.  Lot’s of talent abounds at Junaluska…students and staff!!!!



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