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PTA Save the Dates




Reeves Readers Run!! April 23rd      


Dance- May 13th 3-6pm

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 PTA picture for fall 2015

We are currently working on classroom book libraries.  We have been able to provide books for Kindergarten and first grade.  We are hopeful to provide more grade levels with books this year.  We have already been able to purchase iPads for K-5 classrooms.  We are working on new fundraising ideas for the beginning of the school year.  Thank you for those who have contributed already or will be contributing!  With your help, our students will become 21st century learners!!!

If you would like to make a contribution to the PTA, please make checks payable to Junaluska PTA.  We always accept cash.

PTA Officers for 2015-2016

President–Sharon Johnson
Vice Presidents–Susanna Barbee, Jenny Clark, and Angie Duncan
Secretary–Kirsten Brandon and Lorraine Chambers
Treasurer–Hope Surrett and Tiffany Plemmons
Parent Advisor–Hanley Plemmons

Volunteer Coordinator–Annette Stiles
Faculty Advisor–Kirsten Brandon

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