Haywood County Schools Board of Education has approved a hybrid plan to transition from school closures due to COVID-19.  The plan transitions from remote learning to in-person learning over a period of time.  “I want to thank everyone who has worked on the reopening of schools,” said Superintendent, Dr. Bill Nolte.  “We have had many discussions over the last few weeks.  The one thing we agree on is this is not a situation where we can flip a switch and everything returns to normal.”

The school system will begin with remote learning for most students.  Pre-Kindergarten, small groups of elementary students who were struggling academically before COVID-19, and for some students with specialized learning plans will have in-person learning opportunities.  As school begins, administrators, teachers, and other staff will work to:

  • conduct transition activities
  • for students to become acquainted with teachers
  • for students to transition to new schools
  • for students, employees, parents, and the community to become familiar with reopening procedures and regulations
  • put all reasonable safety precautions in place
  • determine the specific students and employees available for in-person learning
  • build schedules and protocols based on accurate up-to-date information.

The reopening process will be monitored and evaluated to determine if it is possible to return to in-person learning for interested students on Monday, September 21st.  The school system will transition to in-person learning when safety regulations, staffing availability, and other critical factors permit.  Remote learning will be available to all students who do not choose to access in-person learning.  The school system will continue to comply with all state laws, regulations, and orders.

This type of hybrid plan is authorized under Plan B, Option F of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s Guidebook for Reopening Public Schools.

The school system will meet with principals on Thursday, July 23rd and begin sharing additional information with employees, students, and parents in the near future.