2017-2018 Junaluska Elementary School Bus Route Information




The information shown below are for morning routes. The bus routes and drivers are the same. The only changes are:  Bus 20 will now be Bus 172 and Bus 39 will be Bus 167.



Bus 2—Lynn Medford/James Monday

Ivy Hills; Dellwood Rd to turnaround at Dish Barn; Muckle Cove Rd; County Rd; Rogers Cove Rd; Crabtree Rd (Hwy 209) to Haywood Truck Stop; Old Clyde Rd to Walnut Ford Rd; S. Lakeshore Dr; Golf Course Rd; Dayton Dr; Mauney Cove Rd; Hall Top; Bradley St; Howell Mill Rd

Bus 172—(Old Bus 20)—Kelley Messer

Hazel St; Henson Dr Apts; Broadview Rd; Sunnyside Rd; East Marshall St; Pigeon Rd; Crymes Cove Rd; Park Dr; Howell St; East St; Asheville Rd

Bus 167—(Old Bus 39)—Logan Green

Pitts St; Shelton St; Hendrix Park area; Auburn Rd; Auburn Park; Country Club Dr; Ninevah Baptist Church; Duckett Cove Rd; Cavalier Arms Apts; Farley St to Crymes Cove to Oakdale Rd; Thomas Park; Pigeon St; Hillside Rd; Craven Rd; Short St; Welch St

Bus 184–Brittney White

Woodland Dr; Leatherwood St; Ratcliff Cove Rd; Hawk Haven Cove; Underwood Cove; Doc Ratcliffe Rd; James Loop; Chambers Rd; Shadowwoods (turnaround); Francis Farm Rd; Blanton Dr


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